Arts At The Limits Of Reason

If you visit this exhibition you will never forget this day! It is dedicated to period 1950-1980, when military conflict proliferated and social and political unrest flared around the globe. The author explores the embrace of irrationality among European artists.

Rojo Y Negro - Latin American Art

Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo – these are the most bright representatives of this authentic art style. You will have a unique opportunity to see their best artworks together with modern artists performing Rojo Y Negro today.

Peasant Scenes And Landscapes

This exhibition was named after world-known book by Larry Silver, although there is no connection with the content. It’s fully devoted to gorgeous landscapes of North America depicted by the best US modern artists.

Art Deco Gallery Special Event

We are happy to announce an annual fair devoted to Art Deco Gallery birthday, which will take place in Central Park!
You will have a chance to admire more than 200 masterpieces by artists we collaborate with and participate in charity auction raising funds for Children Art Center.

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